Our flagship product: the OptiDry.

The unique design of our cryostats offers a wide range of applications and provides a great flexibility of use. It is based on a common building block, the CryoCase, to which an experimental platform is adapted, the CryoBreadBoard. Our cryostats work in a closed loop circuit of helium 4, thanks to the use of cryogenerators (pulse tube or Gifford-McMahon technology) and give the possibility to reach temperatures around 3 K in continuous operation.

Adaptability, our commitment !

Since topics in applied and fundamental research are rapidly evolving, we propose robust and upgradeable equipment. If your experiment change, there is no need to change your cryostat. You can only adapt the experimental platform that holds your sample or modify the optical/electrical access, increase or decrease the size of the experimental part or add options.

Possibles options: