Up to 9 optical access

Thanks to a large deported experimental platform, it is possible to explore the physical properties of your samples along several directions : 2×2 access along the Ox and Oy axis in the plan of the platform, 2×2 access along the diagonal directions and one access along the perpendicular Oz direction. Note that a wide range of substrate and anti-reflection coating are available.


Magnetic Field

We presently propose three type of magnet 2, 5  et 7 Tesla (1 axis) that are directly mounted on the experimental platform, giving you the opportunity for future evolution. The magnetic field option with 3 independent axis is also available.  

Very low temperatures

At the present time, two solutions are proposed to reach very low temperatures:
  • 1,5 K en continu : basé sur un circuit fermé d’hélium 4.
  • 1 K one shot: permettant de maintenir une température de 1K pendant environ 7 h.
We are now developing a dilution system (3He / 4He) that can be added to the standard OptiDry cryostat, offering the possibility to reach temperatures of tens of milli-Kelvi. This option will be available very soon.

Electrical connections / optical fibers

Many electrical or optical connections are available depending of your needs and even the more specific. Thanks to the multiple access on the CryoCase, we offer the possibility to have hermetic leads (Coaxial cables, optical fibers, DC wires,…).    

IVC (Inner vacuum chamber)

For very specific demands, you have the possibility to integrate an hermetic chamber on the experimental part. This precaution have the double benefit to give the possibility to obtain a very pure vacuum but also to homogenise the temperature inside the chamber by using an exchange gas (like helium).