My Cryo Firm is a company specialised in cryogenics which offer adaptable and upgradeable products for academic research and industry. Our philosophy? Your instruments have to be adapted to your research work! We then provide customised and upgradeable solutions.

Our Philosophy

Expertise, engineering and service quality.

We endeavour to combine our technical et scientific expertise to answer to customers needs. All along the conception phase we give you a customised solution. We are always looking for better solutions to improve our products in terms of performances and  adaptability in order to match with the latest technological developments.

Our commitment

We are committed to each step of your project :

Your issues are discussed with our team and we elaborate a customised offer then a proposal is submitted before starting the manufacturing.  We ensure delivery, installation, in situ test of the material and the user training. We are also committed in a periodic monitoring along the cryostat’s lifetime to propose you new solutions to modify or adapt your cryostat to your evolving needs.

Our Garanties

All cryostats are guaranteed 12 months.

The guarantee covers spare parts (excluding consumables), the working force and travels. Optional long term guarantees are available up to 5 years.


From left to right : Suzanne, Julien, Richard, Franck and Mohammed

Julien Paris engineer in cryogenics and founder of My Cryo Firm.. With more than 15 years of experience in cryogenics, he already produced and designed cryogenic systems like dilution refrigerators (up to 10 mK) as well as 300 mK cryostats based on cryogenic liquids and cryogenerators. He found his own company with the idea to propose fully customisable cryostats for advanced applications in academic research and industry.

Richard Hostein  Associate professor at Sorbonne University and the Institut of Nanosciences in Paris (INSP). He is associate to the My Cryo Firm company and participated to the development of the first OptiDry : a cryostat working in closed cycle loop of Helium 4 and having  many optical access and a large experimental space at 4K for future upgrade.

Mohammed Sharazi Cryostat designer at My Cryo Firm since 2015. He is graduate in industrial design and has a solid expertise in cryostat design with more than 20 projects realised since he arrived in the company.

Franck Ferreyrol R&D project manager at My Cryo Firm since 2016. He made a thesis in quantum optics at the laboratory Charles Fabry of Institut d’Optique. He have a strong knowledge in experimental research thanks to his postdoctoral experiences at Griffith University (Center for Quantum Dynamics) and at the Institut d’Optique d’Aquitaine. He is in charge of the cryogenic developments for the European project PASQuanS (Programmable Atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation).

Suzanne Dang R&D project manager. She joined My Cryo Firm team in october 2018 after a PhD thesis in optics of semiconductor at the Institut des Nanosciences de Paris (Sorbonne University). She is responsible for the development of a low vibration cryostat for experiments with rare earth ions crystals in the frame of the European project Quantum Internet Alliance.